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There was a window of opportunity today where I had the day off from both my jobs, AND the latest snow storm isn't expected until after 6pm this evening. So I was finally able to drive all the hell the way over to the East side to BFF Donna's house to use her tax software program to file my 2007 taxes. Thankfully, I get some money back. It ain't a lot, but it's something.

It was also very good to see Donna and her family again as I haven't seen her ass since last July or August, and that's too damn long to go without seeing your bestest friend. They're going through some difficult times, as Roland got laid-off a month ago. But he'll find something soon enough; it's just a blow to them and they're getting freaked out if he doesn't find a new job in a few weeks.

I really need to clean up my apartment but I'm so not motivated. Just exhausted from the drive to Donna's and a pit stop at my sister's to see everyone else. Other than that, I'm ok, just hanging in there.

Off to take a hot shower, fix dinner and watch Ocean's 13.

Dear God, please let Hillary Rodham Clinton win Texas and Ohio tonight.
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