new_buddhist (new_buddhist) wrote,

Spring in nigh!

I think the coast is almost clear in regards to winter. I swear to God I have had enough snow for 3 winters, and it was bitterly cold too. I'm thankful that my car did not konk out like so many cars did on my drive into work the past couple of months. I always smirked when I saw SUVs and newer model cars on the side of the road, or in a ditch due to mechanical problems or poor driving. Yes, I made it through another winter.

And a strong sign that spring is near is my sinus and allergies have been just completely jacked up. I look like I have been smoking a doobie with my eyes so red and often swollen. But I have my eye drops and OTC allergy medicine with me. Guess I just have to take it more often than I thought.

Still getting positive feedback from my temp job; they do want to hire me, it's just a matter of when they will do it. It's not my dream job, but it's a great company and the people are good and SANE, that's key.

I am coming along fine at Macy's, I just leave exhausted sometimes because of all the running around I do. I found $5 in the aisle near the hoisery department. Brought a smile to my face - I don't know if that's sad or cute. LOL! The thought that a $5 bill brought such joy. *sigh*

I work all this weekend, but it's cool, it's afternoon shifts, so that allows me to sleep in a bit. I'll be able to go the ZBT on Sunday, for the second week in a row. I have been scheduled to work at Macy's to open the store on Sunday, preventing me from attending. And low and behold, *gasp* the store WILL be closed on Easter Sunday, so I will drive to see my family that day and have a nice Easter meal (after they return from the fashion show at church that morning).

Hope ya'll are well!

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