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Easter Weekend

Now more than ever, I'm glad that I trusted my gut instinct and purchased my single ticket to the Dalai Lama's visit to Ann Arbor during the weekend of April 19-20th. He will be having in 3 separate presentations, dialouges about Buddhist principles, politics, compassion, etc. And in light of the uprisings in Tibet in the past week with approx over a 100 people dead, and with the Dalai Lama threatening to quit being the leader of the Tibetan government if the violence doesn't end, he's appearance next month is really anticipated.

I was trying to hold out and wait and see if Laurie's husband would be able to get tickets to see the DL as he works at an Asian Studies advocacy U of M group. Also, I tried in vain to see if people at the ZBT, of all places, would have their act together and be able to get tickets. So when I heard nothing back from those fronts, I decided to F it and get my own nosebleed $20 ticket at the end of January. Now, all tickets are sold out, even the front row $1,000 tickets (but mind, 8,000 tickets were given FREE to current U of M students and faculty and those tickets were all taken up on the day those were released). So now Laurie and Jon can't go, and not many people at the ZBT are going either due to poor group planning. But I'm going... I just need to get a hold of some binoculars.

Here is an interesting Op-Ed from the NY Times about the Dalai Lama He May be a God, but he's no Politician. It's interesting and gives a historical perspective of the Dalai Lama's exile to India in 1959.

Also, I found out today that Pearl Jam will be having a 10-day mini East Coast tour in June. I would love to go, but the fan club tickets go on sale on Monday, AND, I really just can't afford not only the tickets, but the expense of flying to the EC would be cost prohibitive during this sticky employment situation I'm currently still in, which will hopefully have changed by then, but still, I can't afford such luxuries right now. If they decide on a mid-west tour, I'll find out a way to go.

Well, I gotta work at Macy's today, but I have tomorrow off which is one of only two days the store is closed during the year. I will go to the ZBT for a special Buddhist memorial ceremony, and then drive to Detroit for Easter dinner with the family.
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