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Remember back in the day when I used to make up to 5 posts a day here on my LJ? Well those days are long gone as it seems these days I live a totally different life. I'm pulling in 60 hour work weeks and although it's tiring, I'm pacing myself and the money is going to good use, like BILLS. But I'm not out of the woods yet, not by a long shot, but, I'm hanging in there.

The past five days have been emotionally draining as my sister Suzy is in the hospital again, since Wednesday - because of her cancer. I can't go into details right now, but I'm not weeping as much. I went to see her in the hospital yesterday before her surgery (today) and she's trying to be strong and positive, but the pain she's been in hurts and I just want to scream and suck the cancer out of her and let her be happy and healthy. The surgery she had today alleviated the pain and a new round of chemo and radiation will start on Tuesday, then she'll be released to go home. Doctor's orders are for her to not work for the next 6 months as this stage of cancer fighting needs to be more aggressive. We're optimistic, but there are times when I just cry. I truly do wish I could trade places with her. when you're constantly thinking about the health and welfare of a loved one, everything else just doesn't matter.

The family has redone her bedroom for her, went to Art Van and plopped down $1400 in new bedroom furniture, painted her room, and got her a new 37" LCD tv screen - her bedroom got pimped out big time and when she comes home, she'll be shocked! My mother totally needs to call MTV with a show idea called 'Pimp my Bedroom'!

Not working, totally focused on chemo/radiation treatment, watching her bootleg DVDs, and laughing a lot, is what she needs to do to get better. Please send your prayers or positive thoughts to my sister Suzette's way? Thanks. xoxo
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