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Rest in Peace little sister

My sister, Suzette Inell Williams passed away today, at 11:50am, from cancer. She was only 37. I last saw her on Friday, and I knew it would be the last time I would see her. She was asleep at home, I went to her, sat with her and watched a movie. Told her about my day and what my weekend will be like, and that I had to go out of town for two days for a business trip. She was asleep and I had hoped she heard me. I kissed her several times, held her, held her hand, whispered in her ear not good-bye, but 'I'll see you later Suzette, I love you very, very much'. Kissed her again, and just looked at her as she slept.

I drove back home crying hard all the way. It's dangerous driving 65mph crying almost hysterically. Around noon today while in Green Bay, Wisconsin, I knew *something* happened and I couldn't shake it. I woke up this morning in my hotel room, a Christian hotel as I was at St. Norbert's University for a seminar, and there was a large wooden cross on the wall. I stood by it this morning and prayed to it. I prayed to my father in heaven to wish him a happy birthday, and to take care of Suzy.

The flight back home was miserable, I was so anxious and scared about what I would learn when I landed. I called my brother when I got to my car, and he told me that 'Suzy passed earlier today'. I cried so hard I couldn't breathe. Then I drove to Suzy's home and my mother told me how she passed today. She was holding her as she was taking her final breaths. My mother told Suzy to 'Go in peace, be with God, go in peace'. Moments later, Suzy passed over.

It was cloudy in Detroit today, but as my mother sat with Suzy in her room, looking at her in death, the sun shined through the window and specifically lit up Suzy's face. My mother said it was beautiful and she now knows that Suzy is at peace and free.

Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts for Suzy. I love her very much and I will miss her earthly presence, but I know she will always be with me.


Suzette Inell Williams
May 23, 1971 - July 15, 2008

I love you Suzy!
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