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Poll #1144354 Who you calling a bitch?

If a customer at your job called you a bitch, what would you do?

Call manager immediately
Beat the living shit out of them
Defend yourself and call them a bitch back
Just walk away
Continue to try to assist them

Please answer the poll before you read my story. Thanks!

At Macy's on Sunday, a very demanding, rude, snobby, ignorant woman came into my department carrying at least a dozen women's suits in her arms to go and try on in the Fitting Rooms that I was in the process of cleaning out all by myself. Breathlessly, as I was finishing up, I myself was carrying a load of clothes that female pig customers just tossed on the floor. This woman came into the fitting room corridor just as I was about to exit. Upon seeing her and her load of clothes, I backed up to allow her in, and I simply pointed with an open hand to a just cleaned out fitting room for her to use. I thought my gesture of an open hand guiding her into an empty room was providing good customer service.

Nope, not with this ho.

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ass kicked tired

Remember last summer how I was so excited to see The Police on tour? Well, I get to see them again. They are doing a final summer tour this year and will come to Detroit on July 12, a Saturday! Since I barely have two pennies to rub together, Laurie bought my ticket along with her husband and another friend, so we're all set. It's costing $60, and I really can't justify spending that kind of money at the moment, but you know what, I work so goddamn hard, I have been so stressed out and feeling deprived of the most basic of things. But I can sacrifice $60 this one time to see a most favorite band for one last time. I never thought I would have this opportunity, so I didn't want to pass it up. So I'll pay her back on Thursday when I get paid. I'm pretty excited about this.

Yesterday at macy's, there was a big One Day sale and I worked my ass off in my department cleaning up the fitting rooms and ringing up sales. Although I am enjoying being out on the sales floor in oppose to the slave labour work of being on the dock opening boxes of the new merchandise, there are two things that annoy me about the customer interaction that I now have.

1. cheap ass dumb ass people
2. nasty ass lazy ass people

How much of a 'I only shop on sales days' or walmart of attitude is a customer when they constantly come up to the register area and ask/demand you to scan something to see if MORE of a discount comes off before they seriously consider buying it? I cannot believe how cheap people are! You seen a nice Jones New York blouse that is marked down to $35 and you still want to see how much more it will be off? If it's not 50% they won't buy it as 25% is still not good enough. I sounded like a broken record to people when they come up to the register asking for a price check and I tell them that there is a price checker scan right behind them. People are also dumb and blind, and cheap. And mind, this is Macy's, not Wal-mart!

Why do women have to take in a dozen pieces of clothing into the fitting room, with no intentions of buying any of it, and just leave all the shit on the floor, crumpled up as if it was their personal clothing in their own bedroom. Really nice stuff just being tossed aside as if the customer was angry that the size was too small, or the color did not flatter her. Many customers do at least place the clothes back on the hanger, but do the bitches take the stuff back to where they found it? Hell no! Also, some women have a very strong body odor and it's so strong that it lingers in some of the fitting rooms, and on the clothes. *sigh*

so my job is being a wallet babysitter at the register for cheap ass people, and being the maid in the fitting room for nasty people.

I work again today, I hope the day goes by very fast.

Don't be hasty!

I went to the gym this afternoon and since I'm a creature of habit, I usually like to go down the same aisle in the lockeroom and use the lockers in that section. Today, I go down that aisle and I saw a very pasty, very... um... SOFT/flabby old/ancient woman fully nude.


Sorry, I'm just funny that way. I know there are nude women in the female lockeroom, but if you can avoid being right next to a flabby ancient pasty woman in full display in front of you, you'll do it. Just go the next aisle. Ok, so I go and it's cool. then one lady came to my section and was 3 lockers away. Then not 30 seconds later, another woman came and she was the locker right fucking next to me. She actually had to wait until I moved my shit so she could open the locker, then a third bitch came. I couldn't take it. Too fucking crowded with loud stranger bitches next to me. It's bad enough we have to change in/out of our clothes in front of each other, but do I need to have someone so fucking close to me that we're touching? Hell no!

So I grab all my shit in a huff and go to another section where I could breath and not have talkative partially clothed stranger females all up in my face.

I shoved my shit in the locker, locked it and walked away in a huff, and went to run a mile and do my weight training. I had a great hour work out. I then mosey back to the lockerroom, adn what do I find?

My stupid impatient bratty hasty ass forgot to put into the locker, my shoes and my little purse which looks like a chinese print makeup bag. But inside the makeup bag was my life. Wallet, credit cards, diamond ring, watch, car keys, cell phone, and key pass to work.

My fucking life. And it was laying there with my shoes, untouched for an hour. But Lord knows how many people passed by it. I'm always walking past purses and wallets in full display, but I'm always paranoid about my shit getting stolen. A guardian angel was looking out for me today as I curse myself for leaving all my valuable shit on the bench far away from the safety of my locked locker.

stupid ass.

Don't be hasty!

A political post (get used to them)

Afer this presidental election, I'm going to change my party from Democrat to Independent. I am outrage in how the primaries have been handled, and I hate the division within the party that support for either of the two candidates have developed.

I learned this morning that the Michigan primary of 4 weeks ago may become irrelevant if Hillary does not WIN Texas and Ohio because political strategists here in Michigan say that in the event that Hillary does not win those states, she will be so far behind Obama that a fight for the Michigan and Florida delegates will be irrelevant.

I cannot emphasize how much this will piss me off! See, in order for Michigan's voice to be heard early in the primaries, Michigan democrates went against the DNC's demands and pushed up our primary dates to early January. As punishment, the DNC will not give us our 156 delegates which pretty much neutered us. However, Hillary did win Michigan, but Obama/Edwards/Kucinich were as uncommitted as their names were not on the ballot, but Hillary's was. The same punishment goes to Florida also, which Hillary won too.

I've been reading articles at USA Today and MSNBC that allow reader comments in their Obama/Clinton articles and people all over the country are extremely pissed off and concerned about the media slant and dissing against Hillary, and the apparent favortism and kid glove treatment of Obama. I'm also sadden to see such extreme racist and sexist attitudes expressed in those opinions. There are obviously compassionate supporters on both side of the Obama/Clinton race, but overall, the sentiment is that a lot of current pro-Hillary supporters will either simply not vote in November (raises hand), or vote for McCain (something I just cannot do - even though I don't dislike him). And only a few will turn their support over to Obama, which I totally understand. As a black female, I don't know which harsh attitude is worse: the racism or the sexism. But I can admit that the sexism along with the awful media bias against Hillary has startled me. It's also very pitiful to see how when it comes to sexism, to see so many women not be supportive of Hillary. I think that stings the most as I and most like she, predicted that women would pour out of the flood gates to vote for her. So ladies, if you didn't support Hillary, and if McCain wins, which he will if Obama wins the Democratic nomination, if women rights and reproductive rights are rewinded by 50 years, you only have yourselves to blame.

So, in summation, Michigan doesn't fucking matter if Hillary doesn't flat out win Texas and Ohio.
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car maintenance

I was driving on borrowed time in getting my brakes done on my car. Thankfully my mother came into a surprise shitload of money. Well, it's a shitload to us, but it's a portion of her pension that she got earlier this week. Due to my fragile employment situation, she gave me money to get my brakes done at Midas across the street. I knew the brakes were bad, but after they called me to give me the lowdown on what they needed to do, the total came up to $711. I need brake pads, rotor, tire rod, two new front tires and a wheel alignment. I called my mother to borrow another $300, and I gave him the ok to do the job.

I really feel relieved that this is getting done as I was driving my car like this for far too long and I've heard front end noises that are not cool to listen to. Now I can drive to Detroit this weekend to see the people - I haven't seen them since Christmas Day.

I worked two 12-hour shifts in the past two days, I'm tired. Macy's is coming along fine. If anything, it's tiring walking around so much, but I'm just glad to be working. I don't think that media analyst job is going to pan out for me, and I'm not too disappointed about it. I'm at a stage in my life where I just believe in if it's meant to be, it will be. You can't force things. You can show perserverance and initiative, but if it's a one way street, then that's the way it is.

So I have today off, waiting for my car to get operated on. After I pick it up, I'll go to the gym.
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So damn cold

It's like 2 degrees outside and I thought for a second that it would be ok to go to the gym, but, I changed my mind. Hell no.

Working at Macy's on the sales floor isn't bad at all. It's kind of a trip because so many people are conditioned to buy shit that's on sale, and stuff that receive an additional percentage off that they come up to the counter and immediately ask 'Do I get more of a discount off of this?' People have no couth. Some are polite and some are just tacky. If an Ann Klein jacket originally priced at $420 is now discounted to $65... really, do you really expect and want even more of a discount? Come on now? Fuck. You can't get shit for free!

And don't get me started on the fitting rooms. Why are most women pigs? Why do they leave shit on the floor and turned inside out, with their makeup and deodorant stains on clothes they don't intend to purchase? It's ridiculous! But again, it's really not a bad job. I'm on my feet, running around, staying busy and active. It's cool. It's not a career, but it's much needed extra dinero at this time.

I waiting for a call about the media analyst position I interviewed for last week, so hopefully that will turn out cool. I'm optimistic that things will fall into place soon enough, it's just crazy on your nerves when things don't happen as quickly as you want them to. But believe you me, I'm much better off than I was two months ago this date.


I just don't get Superbowl Sunday. I don't care about the fancy expensive stupid commercials (Memo: they are still commercials folks!). People go all out to celebrate this game and I just don't get, and never have gotten this fascination with the sports culture. But then, the same people can say they don't understand why I like to read gossip and follow a few celebrities. *shrugs*

Hey, I finished reading in one day, Cormac McCarthy's 'The Road'. If you like postapocalyptic stories, this is the one to read. It's so well written, you actually feel like you're in the book too. It's going to be made into a movie this year, and I wanted to read it before I see it in the theater. And I still have to read 'The Last Man on Earth' which has been made into several movies, most notably and recently, 'I Am Legend', and the 70's 'Omega Man'. Saw both movies, like them a lot, but I know the book is more in depth.

Well I'll be off to the ZBT this morning, and then I work my first 4 hour shift today at Macy's on the sales floor. It should be nice and quiet as people are preparing for the stupid superbowl. I work from 2:30 to 6:30. That's perfect. I could do this every Sunday! Afterwards I'll come back home, give myself a facial and pedicure, and watch some DVDS.

But, in any event, once a New Yorker, you're always a New Yorker so...

GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

TGIF: Being patient

Well another week comes to a close but it was progressive. I had an interview on Monday but the waiting game is still in effect. I hate this part. I'm listening out for my headhunter to give me news: yea or nay? On the one hand, if you don't hear 'nay' quickly, that's good, but still I haven't heard 'yea' yet, so I'm in a quandry. They say, 'No news is good news'. But some kind of news, any, would be better than just nothing, especially four days later. I dunno. I'm just anxious.

Meanwhile, my Plan C in regards to Macys was implemented this week. As you may recall, my last day at Macy's was at the end of August. As far as I was concerned, after 5 years, I had enough; same department, same slave work, same crap. But I paid off my car and that's why I took on that job. But in the back on my mind, I knew that if after I quit the hellhole, and it took me a bit longer to secure another job, I would have to consider Macy's again. Well, luckily I left with a great employment record so I was re-hirable. Still had to go through the new application process, but I did that. I was in training for 7 hours (paid) yesterday to work on the register. And even better, I was still inside the re-hire window to qualify for my previous hourly pay that I worked 5 years to get up to. Praise Da Lord! Had I not been rehired at my previous rate, I would have lost a whole $1.14/hr, and that's too much damn money to lose on an hourly basis. Thank God for perfect timing and miracles - I needed a break like this, hope it's a good omen overall.

So now I have been re-hired as a salesperson in the Better Sportswear department (think Nine West and Michael Kors, etc), and that's great because I also qualify for more hours, anywhere between 14-26; much better than the 8 hours a week I did in my previous department. Mo money! My plans are to work there, mostly on the weekends so that I can hustle and get really caught up with bills, especially a nasty hospital bill that the insurance did not cover. And when I get a new day job, I will keep the macy's job at least through the Fall because if I can get behind the eight ball, I think I may be in the position to treat myself to another trip across the pond in November (Dyana, are you still around, are you reading this?). Yes, I'm dreaming, but dreams can come true as I proved last Aug/Sept.

It's snowing right now, we are getting about 4-5 inches today. I'm going to head out around noon to go to the gym. I'm listening out for a few calls today, as usual, keep the mobile close by. Something will turn up.

I got notice from the library that Cormac McCarthy's 'The Road' is on reserve for me to pick up. Can't wait to read it. Yeah, I'll stop by the library first, pick that bad boy up and read it at the gym. :-)

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It was good to work 4 days this week at a nice job on a temp basis. It got me back in the groove of working and I did really well, got praise and recognition. I go back on Monday and Tuesday. But during lunchtime on Monday, I have an interview with a temp-to-hire job that my headhunter set me up with. *Crosses fingers* It sounds like a great job and a great company to work for. I feel good about it.

On Wednesday, I donated blood through the Red Cross blood drive and it was the first time I was able to do it since 2000! Since my surgery, I have been much healthier and I'm not anemic any more. Yeah! I am a total supporter of the Red Cross and I will be committed to donate as often as I can. :-)

Today, I'm going up to Macy's to use my Xmas gift card at the Origins counter. I need some eye cream. Then I'll go to the gym and chill for the rest of the day.

I went to the 'Waiting for Toothy' blog yesterday and they have it dedicated to Heath Ledger since he was Jake Gyllenhaal's co-star in Brokeback Mountain. Reading the comments, many of those "fans" are actually pissed off with Jake because how dare he hasn't made a public comment about Heath's death! Many of those people just disgust me.

Damn, damn that rude Jake! Too bad that kid is soooo distraught that his film set has closed down in New Mexico because he's unable to work due to his friend's death. How audacious for the production company to hire extra security to protect Jake from paparazzi who have a hard on to get the 'money shot' of Jake in distress. And Jake better get his shit together soon so that some of his half-assed fans can relish in his agonizing words about the shock and pain he is experiencing from his dear friend's death, the guy who made him godfather of Matilda.

((sarcasm ended))

I can't imagine the pain that Jake is going through right now, he has to be beyond devastated and I wish him well. I recall that when Chris Farley died over 10 years ago, that his bestest friend, David Spade, had a breakdown so bad that he refused to believe Chris was dead and he didn't go to Chris' funeral, nor did he offer a public statement. David was only able to talk about it many years later in an interview. As of today, he has weekly dinners with Chris' brother. I imagine that Jake will be this way with Michelle/Matilda.

Silence speaks volumes people. Sometimes it's just obvious how someone feels and there are no words strong enough to really express how one is feeling. And that is where Jake Gyllenhaal is at now.

Star Jones wrote a great article about how the media reacts to a top celebrity's death. She's spot on in how savage and insensitive the entire media is in trying to report about someone's death. Read Star's article
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I know which magazine I'm going to buy. I hate it when People want to pay respect to a deceased celebrity by also including stupid ass images of worthless celebrities on the same cover. Who gives a fuck about this miley cyrus brat, and transexual baby daddy eddie murphy. Heath Ledger died and deserves the entire cover to himself.


Also, I wonder how tabloidish the cover story will be since the investigation into his death is still unknown. But based on what I saw on NBC Nightly news, it's most likely an accidental death due to a combination of prescription drugs: ambien, anti-depressant AND anti-anxiety. Poor guy.